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Greatness with Dairy

Meet the new you!

You’ve made a choice between who you are and who you want to become. Congratulations!

You’re on a journey to becoming your best self. And when you need an extra boost, dairy has the energy and nutrition you need to fuel you on your path to greatness. Sure, it won’t turn you into a superhero…but who wants to wear those tacky costumes when you can be fit and healthy, and do it your way!

Go, Know No Limits

Dairy World Tour

Miss traveling? Sign up for the Dairy World Tour, and every second month you'll receive a gift box complete with fresh dairy ingredients and a taste-tempting recipe. A different nation's cuisine will be featured with each gift.

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Greatness Guide

To get the most out of your body, you need to put the best into it. Check out our Greatness Guide to find simple tips on making food and lifestyle choices to fuel your greatness - every day!

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Your Questions Unbottled

Talk dairy with us.

Ever wonder what life is like for cows on a dairy farm? Or how milk compares to plant-based alternatives? We’ve gathered a panel of experts (dairy farmers, nutritionists, processors, you name it!) to answer your questions about the dairy industry. No question is too big, too small, or too weird for our panel. Go ahead — ask us anything!

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  1. Where do I purchase your chocolate milk?

    Magna, Utah

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  2. How do farmers take care of the environment?

    Salt Lake City, Utah

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  3. Why does milk need to be pasteurized and homogenized?

    Marsing, Idaho

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  4. How does milk get from the farm to the grocery store?

    Parma, Idaho

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  5. What do cows eat?

    Ogden, Utah

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  6. What happens before the milk is picked up by the milk truck on the farm?

    Twin Falls, Idaho

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Dairy Products

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Milk — the multitool of the dairy world! See why milk is one of the most complete foods in the world.

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Put some pep in your step with our collection of uplifting and inspiring stories.

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There are so many ways to enjoy dairy. Get inspired with these delicious recipes!

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