Bring on the butter

Butter is a powerful tool on your journey to a better you.

If you're looking to get more healthy fats into your diet, your search is over! Made through a process called churning — shaking milk so fast it separates into butter and buttercream — butter is one of the smoothest ways to get over 400 different fatty acids into your body. Which is great, because they're essential to our health!

Fun Facts

  • Butter has a melting temperature of 98.6°F— the exact temperature of the human mouth. What a mouthful of mouthfeel!

  • Butter is one of the best sources of butyrate! What's butyrate? It's a short-chain fatty acid found in butter that's important for gut health, breaking down undigested carbohydrates, and so much more!

  • If you're looking for complex dietary fats (who isn't?), butter is the best— it has over 400 different fatty acids!

  • Want to make your own butter at home? Fill a mason jar halfway with heavy cream, shake up and down for 6-8 minutes, and BAM! You've got butter. (And buttermilk!)

Your Questions Unbottled

Your Butter Questions Unbottled

Have a churning question about butter? That’s what we’re here for! If you have questions you want answered, let us know— we’re ready for ‘em!

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