So, my first approach to healthy snacks is to have a pro-pro combination – that would be a protein plus a produce. So, think anything with a fruit or vegetable, little bit of color, plus some lean protein or even some really calorically dense protein for those high-level activities. So, for example, having some pre-portioned vegetables with maybe a yogurt dip, or some bean dip, having any kind of a fruit with a protein, nuts, cheese, these are great options. I also have these peanut butter energy balls that are made with oats and dried fruit – they're very customizable and easily portable. Drinking some kind of a protein after activity is really good for recovery and then having some kind of easily transportable fruit along with it is usually a good idea for athletes.

So, some athletes might need more than just a small snack, then we’re looking at mini meals. So something as simple as a scramble with some veggies and a little cheese or making a protein bowl with some brown rice, or even heating up some leftovers and having those ready to go in the fridge are great options for those athletes needing more calories.