Just like teammates on the field, nutrients in food work together to give your body top-notch fuel.

Take carbs and protein, for example. Carbohydrates are your “go fuel.” Every athletic activity, from running to swimming, kicking a goal or doing a flip, requires carbohydrates. Including carb sources in every meal is key for athletes, so make sure to eat a variety of grains, fruit and starches to keep your body going.

Protein, on the other hand, isn’t really used for fuel. Protein is needed to rebuild after all your hard play. Your body is especially primed to put protein to work right after practice, so be ready with some refueling options. Chocolate milk is my personal favorite, but other ideas include trail mix, a sandwich, a bar or some yogurt.

Remember, carbs and protein are like nutrition teammates. They need each other in order to do their jobs so your body can be at its best!