Summer is the perfect time to hit the open road and make unforgettable memories. A classic summer road trip offers the chance to be spontaneous, adventurous and have fun. And, at the center of that fun is ice cream, milkshakes, cheese-covered pizza and delicious dairy treats! Summer road trips capture childhood nostalgia and all the wonderful memories inspired by carefree adventure. This summer, we want to inspire wanderlust with dairy as your fuel!

Building memories one mile at a time, we are celebrating all that Idaho and Utah have to offer and encouraging you to get out and explore. From breathtaking views of national parks to stopping at quirky roadside attractions, every moment is made even more memorable with delicious dairy. Whether you’re following our road map guide or creating your own itinerary, we have the perfect summer road trip playlist to take you to your next destination.

Road Trip Playlist

Fuel Summer Road Trips with Dairy

Make the most of your summer miles and let adventure be your destination! From natural wonders to roadside sights, our unique states have so much to offer.

Get out and explore, make memories and fuel your summer fun with dairy! We’ve put together a map of our top ice cream stops for you to visit on your next road trip. Follow the map below.

Fuel Yourself

If you’re planning a road trip, don’t forget that being in the car doesn’t mean you should stop eating well. Think of snacks as mini meals! Pack your cooler with whole foods from the five main food groups to satisfy hunger and give your body the extra energy it needs to fuel your journey.

Pack a protein punch - High-Protein Cookie Dough

A tasty twist on a classic – Black Cow

The snack that packs perfectly – Melomakarona Cookies

On-the-go fuel – Soft Granola Bars

Dairy Great Road Trip Recipe Cookie Dough
  • Dairy Great Road Trip icon waterbottle

    Stay well-hydrated. Bring a water bottle with you and avoid caffeine while on the road.

  • Dairy Great Road Trip icon sanitizer

    Take hand sanitizer for when you’re unable to wash your hands.

  • Dairy Great Road Trip icon mind

    Bring reading, puzzles, homework or podcasts to avoid eating out of boredom.

  • Dairy Great Road Trip icon apple

    Travel food can lack fiber. Grab fruit, nuts or veggies when you can.

  • Dairy Great Road Trip icon stretch

    Do foot circles, shoulder shrugs or neck stretches if confined to a seat. Get out and move around as needed.

Keep Summer Greatness Going and Pass the Cone!

Consider making someone’s day a little brighter with a bit of kindness by treating the person behind you to their cone. Help us spread some smiles this summer!

Pass the cone