Join culinary expert Chef Melina Milionis and dietitian Serena Ball as they explore Greece’s rich history of food.

Episode 3 Presentation Deck

Culinary expert Chef Melina Milionis and Dietitian Serena Ball help you explore Greece's rich history of food. You’ll learn how the country’s geography and culture have led to a wide variety of culinary dishes and traditions. During the episode you’ll also get to cook along with Melina as she demos her famous Tiropita recipe, which utilizes the butter, feta cheese and fillo dough from your June dairy product box.

In This Months Box

  • Ballard Family Dairy & Cheese Idaho Grilling Cheese - Halloumi Style
  • Gold Creek Farms Feta
  • High Desert Butter
  • Slide Ridge Honey
  • Pastry Brush

Recipes From This Episode