Our lives seem to be a constant balance of craziness to slightly less crazy. The New Year brings a chance to reflect. And many of us choose to improve our diet. Whether we just enjoy the taste of fast food, or circumstances make it advantageous for us to quickly hit up the drive-thru: It's part of all our lives. But our New Year's resolution tugs at our heart. "Can we really eat here?" No need to struggle with your conscious anymore. We're here to help empower you to be your best selves! And hit your goals for 2022! There's options at all our popular chain restaurants that are better alternatives to help you achieve that better you.

Some basic guidelines. Everything in moderation. It's ok to treat yourself from time to time. Try substituting soda for milk, water or juice. Seek out grilled options over fried. Substitute your fries for a fruit cup or apple slices. Choose a salad over a hamburger. Vary your options to include as many of the food groups as possible for a more balanced meal.

Check out this resource for a complete list of beverages, snacks and meal breakdown that will help you get the most of your drive-thru experience! It includes all our favorites from Chick-Fil-A, Wendy's, McDonald's, Panera Bread, Subway, Dunkin and Starbucks.

Drive Thru Resource