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Join us on a Dairy World Tour as we take a culinary journey around the globe. For just $50 you will receive six interactive episodes featuring both a culinary and nutrition expert as we explore different countries’ culture and cuisine. Each episode is accompanied with a product box highlighting dairy products from Idaho and Utah, recipes, and special surprises. Click here to sign up today! NOTE: The registration deadline to receive the April/Mexico box has been extended to March 31, 2021! Registrations received after March 31st will receive the remaining boxes for June/Greece, August/Brazil, October/India, and December/France.

Episode 1 Presentation Slides

Join culinary expert Rosetta Costantino and dietitian Kristi Spence as they explore Italy's rich history of food. You'll learn how the country's geography and culture have led to a wide variety of culinary dishes and traditions. During the episode, you'll also get to cook along with Rosetta as she demos her famous Polpette di Ricotta in Brodo recipe, which utilizes both the ricotta and parmesan in your February dairy product box.

Episode 1: Italy Recipes

Polpette di Ricotta in Brodo Gelato Parmigiana di Zucchine Olive Caper Mascarpone Crostini Fried Polpette di Riccota Polpette di Ricotta in Sugo