There are people who like to think outside the box. And there are others who just like to think: outside! Here’s to all those hardy souls who plan to build snowmen, ski, snowshoe, skate, hike, sled or ice fish their way through the winter months. If your personal motto is “get out—and stay out,” you’ve come to the right place!

Grab hold of the season. Even when it’s freezin’!

Here are few helpful tips on how to weather the winter, whatever the winter weather!
Tip #1: Fuel your adventure.

Heading out to go hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, or _____? Take food with you in a thermos so it doesn't freeze! Pop in snacks like string cheese or a hearty sandwich like this Mac N Grilled Cheese to help you stay on the move. Remember that having a little food in your tummy can help you stay warmer, too! For tips on how to put together well-balanced snacks to keep you fueled, visit our Greatness Guide here.

Tip #2: Layer up!

It’s true: dressing in layers is the key to keeping warm outdoors. Here’s how to do it right:

  • Base layer: Wear clothes that “wick” moisture away from your skin and pass sweat on the next clothing layer
  • Middle layer: Choose cotton or fleece items to help hold in your body’s warmth
  • Outer layer: Your choice of jacket will vary depending on the conditions, but for most winter weather you’ll want something that acts as a protective shell against wind, rain and snow, and keeps it from penetrating through to the next layer.

Keep in mind, though: if you don't fuel your body correctly, you'll be cold no matter what you wear. (See Tip #1! 😊)

Tip #3: Take a hike—but take care!

Hiking in the winter is a sign of a true adventurer. Stay safe by packing a GPS, first aid kit, fire starter, and some extra food for emergency fuel. And throw a few cheese or yogurt snacks in your bag for that extra boost when you need it.

Tip #4: Cook on coals.

Preparing a great meal in the great outdoors? Remember that cooking over flames can burn foods and leave them undercooked on the inside. Hot coals are the better choice!

Fuel your passion

Fuel your adventure

Fuel your fun

Spring, summer, fall, greatness

Making the most of what you do outside, depends on what you put inside! That’s more true than ever in winter, when your body needs the right kind of fuel not just to stay active, but also to stay warm when you’re outdoors. For expert meal prep advice on all of the above, check out our Greatness Guide.

There’s snow place like home

If you’re lucky enough to live in Idaho or Utah or plan to visit, you’ve got a winter adventureland waiting right outside your door. Get the lowdown on the best local options with these helpful links:





Warm up

After all that outdoor adventuring, you’ll be sure to need this perfect hot chocolate to warm you up from the inside out. Try out this chocolate caliente Mexicana for yourself (and don’t forget to add the whipped cream!)