1. H

    H, 641 and Life Lessons

    Let me tell you about H–not the letter “H”–the man, the veterinarian. He was a partner in a veterinarian clinic with T. They would refer to one another by the first letter of their last name. I suppose they thought it made things less formal, friendlier, or they just didn’t want to hassle with multiple syllables in their last names. Or, they just thought it was funny.

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  2. The Idaho Dairy Diva

    Jessica Machado aka, "The Idaho Dairy Diva" talks about her passion for art and photography and how she combines her passion with her love for the dairy.

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  3. Utah Chefs Visit Dairy Farm

    Chefs from throughout the state of Utah visited Heber Valley Artisan Cheese for a chance to step out of the kitchen and onto the farm to connect where our foods come from.

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  4. John W

    How I Did It All By Myself

    Generally people are nice. Even though they may not know much about the dairy business they make an effort to say nice things. They ask me how many cows I have. I tell them. They marvel at the number. Then they ask how long I’ve been in business. I tell them. Again, marvelment.
    Then they say, “Wow! And you have done this all by yourself!”

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