Real. Local. Dairy.

Ever wonder about where your dairy foods come from? The dairy foods you pick up at the grocery store or enjoy at your favorite eatery come first from a dairy farm, then from a local processing plant. Chances are that both the farm and the plant aren't too far away. This page is dedicated to sharing the stories behind the local products you enjoy and will be built out in the coming months. We hope this page offers information for you to enjoy and better understand Real. Local. Dairy.

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Featuring: Smoky Mountain Pizza

"We use an unbelievable amount of dairy products companywide, every day, since just about every one of our many menu items have some type of dairy.
We have spent years promoting “buy local” and helping our customers understand the value of that. We have featured numerous local Dairy Family pictures on our tables at every location, for several years, in addition to our pizza boxes for takeout and delivery.
We have run campaigns like “Win Free Pizza For A Year” several times as a fun way to promote National Dairy Month and help our customers connect the dots. We have brought live cows to unsuspecting customer’s doors as another fun way to promote local dairy families and to bring awareness to national pizza month."

- John Ryan, Chief Operating Officer, Smoky Mountain Pizza