It’s the season of sharing and we want to help you discover and share a little greatness over the holidays! There are so many ways to discover a little greatness. Small acts of kindness can have a big impact, minimal recipe additions can bring incomparable flavor to your meals, or savoring the little moments that create lasting memories. Dairy shines when capping a memorable evening with a cup of hot chocolate, when adding grandma’s secret ingredient to the best-ever whipped cream for pie or when making lasagna sized for sharing. Add dairy and discover a little greatness.

Generosity that extends beyond us and out into the world doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. Sometimes, all it takes is a little time and a little heart. Consider the simple ways you can make a difference in the lives of those around you this season. A bit of kindness, a big impact, a little greatness.

That secret ingredient has been the hero of family recipes for five generations. It can take a recipe from good to great. But the real joy comes from sharing the recipe with the next generation. It’s not just baking, it’s memory-making that builds the legacy. A secret ingredient, a lot of flavor, a little greatness.

The impact of maintaining traditions is immeasurable. While in the moment, the night was a lot of fun. Looking back, the night built bonds, strengthened relationships and became a core memory. Never-ending laughs, the cup of hot chocolate to cap the evening and everything in between are the moments that make life great. A shared moment, a lasting memory, a little greatness.

It’s a match!

When your favorite beverage meets its perfect pairing, suddenly, life becomes a lot more flavorful. Find the ideal cheese to pair with your beer, wine or cider with help from the Unbottled Matchmaker.

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Appetizers all will love

Serving cheese to start is a simple, yet impressive way to welcome your guests and add flavor to your festive table. Nothing will make your holidays feel warm, merry and bright quite like The Cheese Channel.

The Cheese Channel

Shop local

Share the love of local this holiday season! Find the locally produced products and brands in your area to add to gift baskets and grazing tables.

Real. Local. Dairy.
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