Delicious dairy moments are always accompanied by a symphony of satisfying sounds. From slurps to whooo’s to wow’s, there’s an excitable reaction to every dairy experience! And while food is the fuel our bodies need, it needs to taste great too. The better it tastes, the more likely we are to keep coming back for more. Dairy is one of those amazing food groups that not only meets the nutritional needs our bodies require but also packs in flavor that speaks volumes. Dairy gives us those eyebrow-raising, eye-fluttering, hair-standing-on-end experiences in every bite and we’re here to celebrate that joy! So, when hunger hits, choose dairy and experience the tastes and sounds of greatness.

Ham & Swiss Grilled Cheese

The classic eyebrow-raising cheese pull is here! No matter your age, grilled cheese just hits the spot! Rekindle some of that childlike wonder with a nostalgic dish that lets cheese take center stage.

Ham and swiss recipe
Chocolate milk

Chocolate Milk

Fuel yourself with a big gulp of chocolate milk! Savor every nutritious lip-smacking sip, then unbottle the secret behind what makes this locally-produced product so great.


Ice Cream

Throw our playlist on repeat, put the windows down and hit the open road! As the wind whistles and blows through your hair, discover the joy in every lick thanks to our ice cream road trip guide.

Icecrem dairy roadtrip

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