Nothing is Better than Butter

We have to cover this first because your fat choice can make or break your grilled cheese.

Without question, the best grilled cheese sandwiches are made with room-temperature butter. Don’t skip it or sub it out for something else – coating the outside of both slices of bread with butter adds a savory, slightly salty flavor and gives the sandwich that golden crisp on the outside, giving that crunch you know and love.

Don’t forget to drop a pat of butter in the preheated pan or skillet before you turn your cheese sandwich into a grilled cheese one.

Butter 01
Cheeses 02

Choose the Right Cheese for Your Grilled Cheese

Here are four popular types of cheese that are ideal for making grilled cheese based on their melting qualities and flavor profiles:

Cheddar: The sharp flavor and signature gooey texture make it a classic choice.

American: Known for its creamy texture and mild flavor, it has a smooth, velvety consistency.

Swiss: It adds unexpected depth with its rich, nutty and slightly sweet flavor.

Mozzarella: The mild flavor and stretchy, stringy melt makes for the perfect cheese pull.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different types of cheese inside your sandwich to make things interesting. Regardless of if it’s sliced or grated, distribute it evenly to ensure every bite is filled with gooey, mmm-worthy goodness.

But What About Bread?

Standard white sandwich bread will work, absolutely, but a more sturdy bread is ideal.

Sourdough is the top choice, but a classic rye, brioche or French bread also works well at holding the cheese and optional fillings without becoming soggy.

If you want to increase the fiber content of your sandwich, go for multigrain!

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Fill ‘er Up

The options are endless, so here are just a few combos you can add to your grilled cheese to take things up a notch:

  • Bacon and caramelized onions: Salty and sweet. Say less!
  • Tomato and basil: Melt these two into some mozzarella, and it’ll almost be like eating a hot caprese salad.
  • Jalapeños and avocado: The fresh jalapeño peppers will heat things up and the avocado will cool them down. Remove the seeds if you want less spice.
  • Mac and cheese: If you’re looking for a truly untraditional take on a classic, try our mac and cheese grilled cheese.

Cooking Utensils

There’s a great internet debate about which is better for making grilled cheese: A non-stick skillet vs. a cast-iron pan.

Non-stick makes for easier maneuvering and flipping, but cast iron heats evenly, so your bread gets perfectly browned. There’s no clear winner here because both have benefits, so use what you have.

Other tools you’ll need

Spatula: For flipping the sandwich (gently please! So it doesn’t fall apart).

Butter knife: For spreading butter on the outside of the bread.

Flat Press (optional): To press down evenly on the sandwich while cooking for even browning.

Lid (optional): Covering your sandwich with a lid creates steam that helps the cheese melt evenly.

Utensils 05

Temperature Tips

Check out these hot tips to achieve a perfectly cooked grilled cheese:

  • Resist the urge to crank up the heat and stick to medium-low heat.
  • Don’t walk away from the stove. Not only is it unsafe to walk away from food as it is cooking, but your sandwich will burn on one side if you don’t flip it at the right time.
  • The key to great crust? Make sure you’re dropping the sandwich onto a preheated pan or skillet.

Serve while it’s still hot and enjoy!