1. Pumpkin Pie
  2. 4 years before the next Presidential election
  3. A Justin Bieber poster has never been in my house.
  4. No weird badly-behaved fans in the stands during football games this year.
  5. Thanksgiving dinner – only time people tell you to “eat more”.
  6. Turkey sandwiches for a week.
  7. Only a week of turkey sandwiches.
  8. If I look sad enough someone will invite me for dinner.
  9. Sports on television. (took that for granted)
  10. Great time to suggest a Mossberg Silver Reserve II over/under shotgun for Christmas.
  11. Fun watching Uncle Phil, the expert, struggle opening a wine bottle with a table knife.
  12. Seeing how much fun a family can have that are not the Kardashians.
  13. Having someone who will give me a courtesy laugh, even if my jokes are a little “off”.
  14. Holiday on Thursday, the weekend is still coming.
  15. Only holiday the whole goal is to show up for dinner.
  16. Calories consumed between Thanksgiving and Christmas because they don’t count until the following year.
  17. I still have 5 months to think of a birthday gift for the wife. It will come down to the wire.
  18. After this political season it is evident that free speech is still in the Bill of Rights.
  19. Family dinners. Just like the old days before iPhone 5.
  20. No costumes to wear for this holiday.
  21. Using the “good” dishes and I don’t have to drink wine out of a Tupperware cup.
  22. Opportunity during dinner, to watch a new in-law discover the real family they married into.
  23. Newspapers. The internet just doesn’t suffice.
  24. Children who call me “Dad” or at least “Old man” instead of something more descriptive
  25. Very astute grandchildren. They think I should be President.
  26. Cows. Even the brown ones.
  27. George Costanza. He makes me feel very good about myself.
  28. Anyone that has milked a cow, planted a crop, moved livestock and fed 135 other people.
  29. Police, fireman, EMT’s, military and a whole bunch more. You guys get served first.
  30. I have the good fortune to live in a country that has a national holiday for giving thanks.