Nutrition Month is a great time to refocus on giving our bodies exactly what they need. Whether it’s a focus on our own well-being or the health of the planet, understanding what we put in our mouths is important.


This time of year, especially, fighting illness before we get sick can be the best chance at staying healthy. Luckily, you can give your system the boost it deserves with the natural nutrients found in dairy, including the immune-boosting powerhouse, Vitamin A. Upping your vitamin levels is as simple as adding kefir and berries to your morning smoothie, or enjoying an apple cinnamon cottage cheese bowl to kickstart your day. Take time this month to reset and let dairy do its part to better your well-being.


Life is busy and making time to eat while on the go can be tough. Even so, it’s important to fuel your body with healthy foods to keep you energized throughout the day. Carrying cheese sticks, fruit, or trail mix is a convenient way to get the boost you need! Choosing dairy products versus pre-packed goods can help you meet your health goals and your budgets. When heading out the door, grab a yogurt drink from the fridge - your body will thank you!


Protein is important in our diet and when possible, it’s best to focus on real food sources, saving powders and bars for when you really need them! Consider trying some fruit and cottage cheese, or simply a glass of cold, delicious milk. As a natural source of protein, dairy provides the pick-me-up needed to muster through that afternoon burndown or help refill the tank post-workout. No matter your lifestyle, dairy is always ready to up the energy!


A healthy gut has a positive impact on whole-body health! Improved mental health, better sleep and more positive moods are all by-products of effective digestion. You may be able to improve your gut health through diet and lifestyle changes, including reducing the number of processed foods you consume. Instead, trust your gut to dairy and add yogurt to your daily menu. Yogurt is linked to improved digestive health and is even a great option for those with lactose sensitivities. The probiotics in yogurt help break down lactose, so it’s a great way to get in your daily dose of low-lactose dairy.


Good for your body with a focus on what’s good for the planet, the dairy industry has its eye on the future. Today, the carbon footprint of a glass of milk is two-thirds less than it was 70 years ago without sacrificing that familiar great taste. The adoption of sustainable practices and technologies, refined feed additives and an industry-wide goal of reducing greenhouse gases has greatly impacted the dairy value chain. Produced in nearly every state, dairy is a local commodity that supports your local economy. When you buy milk, you’re buying local. What you see in stores, typically arrives in less than 48 hours from the farm! Whether you want what’s best for your family, or what’s best for future generations, put dairy on the menu.

Whatever your nutrition goals, Nutrition Month is the perfect time to prioritize your own well-being.